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Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design

We offer IT consulting services in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island

The MTech design team is specialized in generating eye-catching graphic designs. We can design your brand identity or manage your brand recognition. Our talented team of graphic designers will take the most creative approach to making sure your brand is recognizable and makes a lasting impression. We assign a minimum of 3 to 4 designers to each project so we can offer a variety of styles for you to choose from. Each project has its own project manager to answer any of your questions and keep you updated regarding timelines. All our graphic design work is custom, Clip Art is never used. Whether your design is for print, web-based publication, or even to be used as a billboard, we supply you with every file format you will need. Click here to get a free graphic design quote!

Logo Design

Build your company's identity

Your logo must be unique, memorable, and have the ability to draw in potential clients. Our design team blends design skills with marketing expertise to create a logo design that perfectly reflects your company's brand.

Company Branding

Build your company's brand

Building an identity for your business is much more than graphic design. There needs to be a balance between creativeness and the ability to portray the core values of what makes up your company. Whether you are starting a new company or want to take your company image in a new direction, our team can successfully help you build and market your next brand campaign.

Business Card Design

Hand off your design and company name to potential clients

Your business card is the first marketing material a potential client will receive from you. Our design team makes sure when you hand out your business card, it makes a great first impression and leads to a call.

Letterhead Design

Expanding your branding

Your business stationery is key; it is the paperwork you use to communicate with clients, current or potential. A quality letterhead will make sure your brand image stands out and will not get mixed in with other paperwork on a client’s desk.

Newsletter/E-Mail Design

A regular reminder to your clients of your brand

Newsletters are a great way to keep in contact with your clients and employees as well as attract new customers. It keeps everyone updated of new products and services, and not only makes sure your target audience remembers who you are but also helps build brand recognition.


Give potential clients something they want to read

Brochures are an important marketing tool used to tell both current and potential future clients about the products and services your company offers, while at the same time making sure your brand image is well-integrated to leave a lasting impression.

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