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tech support and help desk services

tech support

We offer IT consulting services in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island

MTech offers a full range of computer services that will meet your entire business' needs. Our fully certified staff is committed and passionate about providing support for all of today’s newest technologies. MTech is always here to help with any questions. Click here for a free tech support quote!

Computer Evaluation

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A computer evaluation is the process that allows us to determine the details of the specific problems on your computer from which we can then estimate the services and therefore the costs involved to resolve any issues.

Virus Removal & Protection

Eliminate dangerous viruses and stop them in their tracks

We detect and remove any unwanted viruses, spyware, and pop-ups. We install all the Windows-critical updates and can recommend virus and spyware software to ward off future attacks that can fit any budget size.

Computer Tune-Up and Memory Upgrades

Keep your system running smoothly

A computer tune-up will help improve your computer’s speed and reliability by removing the items that can cause crashes, slow speeds, and freezing, which, in turn, impacts the overall health of your computer. Sometimes a memory upgrade is often the best cost-effective method for increasing the overall performance of your computer, and our tech team will provide the best means of doing so.

New Computer Setup and Maintenance

We offer on-site and remote support

Our certified technicians can set up your new desktop or laptop and make sure your system is up and running the way you want it. As time goes on, we can also keep your system running smoothly by keeping track of critical Windows and Mac updates and make sure all your device drivers are configured with the latest versions and are running properly.

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